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Lamborghini Ultimate Challenge - £359, Three cars, 4 locations nationwide.


This is the only Lamborghini Diablo driving experience currently available. It is not available as a single car experience.

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Hands up if you had one of these on your wall? The Lamborghini Diablo looks and sounds how a supercar should with its signature scissor doors, amazing body work and its V12 engine. This combination means speed and fun with the car of your childhood dreams. A much rarer sight than the modern Lamborghini's, the Diablo for many is still the ultimate supercar and you can drive one on a track or treat a friend or loved one to this amazing driving gift.

Depending on what you pick you get to choose 3 or 5 cars from the following jaw dropping list. Obviously the head turning Lamborghini Diablo is first. Then you can pick from a Farreri F355, Ferrari 360 Modena, Porsche 911 or an Aston Martin Vanquish V12. You get up to 15 laps around the Goodwood Circuit. So a legendary track, and a legendary set of supercars to experience on. What a day you will be in for. I am jealous.

LOCATIONS: 4 locations across the UK