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Everyone wants to drive a Ferrari. Whether it is a modern classic like the 360 Modena, or the latest in F1 technology for the road, the critically acclaimed Ferrari 458 Italia. There are few marques, if any which offer the history, prestige and power of a Ferrari. Many people choosing a driving experience ask, What is a typical itinerary for the day? So here is an example of a day with the superb 458 Italia supercar. The Ferrari 458 Italia is the latest and many say the greatest Ferrari ever. With its 4.5 litre V8 engine pushing out 562BHP. This means on your Ferrari driving experience you will hit 0-60 in 3.4s. Available at race tracks across the UK your ultimate Ferrari driving experience will let you say to everyone, you drove a Ferrari. Not just any Ferrari but the celebrated 458 Italia.



After you have arrived to your chosen driving experience location, you will received a welcome from the instructors. After meeting the instructors you get a race style safety briefing from a fully trained racing instructor. Here they will go more into how to get the best form your driving experience like how to take a racing line, as well as important safety things like yellow flags. Depending on your experience you will then go out on a familiarisation lap in a slower car with your instructor. Here you will get to experience life on the track for the first time. Then after some pointers you will be let out in your supercar of choice. In this example, YOUR Ferrari 458.


Imagine the feeling of having 562BHP under your right foot, and the distinctive exhaust note of the 4.5 litre Ferrari V8 on demand. You pull away with the guidance of your instructor as the revs rise to a screaming 9000rpm. 0-60 arrives in 3.4 seconds and as you flick through the F1 style paddle shift gears, and through the sweeping corners of the track you will get faster and faster as you get on top of the circuit for your allocation of laps.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. As you pull into the pits and get out of your Ferrari with a smile on your face, you will enter driver debriefing and depending on your package you will get a commemorative certificate and lunch. There are usually options to buy DVD of your day or have a professional photograph with your car. All of which are great to show off to your friends and family your track heroics.

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